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"AROUSE" Techno In Love Charity Electronic Music Tour [2014-08-03]
                "AROUSE" Techno In Love Charity Electronic Music Tour

        May 2014 "AROUSE" charity electronic music label was established by GCS Culture & Entertainment Co, Ltd.  From 8 August to 5 September we will co-operate with “Beijing Adoption Day” and “Don’t Eat Friends”to organize a charity music tour across China. 

           Since "AROUSE" was established, we have received great support from many famous musicians and artists in China, as well as media and many animal welfare NGOs. There will be 30 DJs performing in this electronic music tour. 

           "AROUSE" charity music tour will start on 8 August in Beijing. Then it will visit Jinan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, Shenyang, and Harbin. We will also partner with famous musicians and DJs in these cities. Each event will have a dedicated area for local animal welfare NGOs’ charity sales. This will be the first ever event that combines electronic music and charity sales – if you are an electronic music fan or a flea-market fan, don't miss it!

Line Up: 

 JohnnyZ \ Pancake Lee \ BeeKoo \ MAXI \ SKY Zhang \ Demone \ BJY \ Leslie Jaycee \ WengWeng \ OuYang \ Mickey Zhang \ XLF \ ELVIS T \ BenHuang \ ShenYue \ YangGe \ Jaco V \ Jason Lee \ Xiao Long \ Ray \ Daniel Ma \ MHP \ Yan Jun \ X.Lee \ Jason Dalee \ BAIFAN \ Johnny \ Wong 


"AROUSE" Techno In Love love to pass the time and venue of public charity tour announcement: 

Aug 8th, Bei Jing - Lantern Club 

Aug 9th, Ji Nan - Cafe da la paix 

Aug 15th, Shang Hai - Repulse Bay Cultural Arts Center Q.HALL 

Aug 16th, Cheng Du -. TAG Club 

Aug 22th, Kun Ming - PRO Live House 

Aug 23th, Kun Ming - VERVO Club 

Aug 29th, Shen Yang - Feng Live House 

Aug 30th, HaErBin - BOX G2 Club 

Sept 5th, Bei Jing - Lantern Club 


           "AROUSE" is an electronic music charity label, focused on caring for animal welfare and promoting adopting pets instead of buying them.

           August is hot, but people’s hearts are always warmer. Love Techno! Love August! Love is Love! Spread your love all around!